More to life!

Lots of state of the world talk these days.  The News is often unsettling, cookie cutter, one size fits all, and the final analysis, sensational. The products we are offered are the same, from the shelves at Walmart to Tiffany’s.  All slick marketing and promotion.  The reality is sensational news sells, and there is  more profit in cookie cutter, lipstick on fluff, psycho logically marketed products. It should come as no surprise that when the dust settles; there is nothing there.

The best things in life most often exists quietly. Think back, we all have experienced this reality throughout our entire personal lives.

Hopefully the jewelry I create  is one of those quiet wonderful parts of the world for the people wearing it, because, by the time I finish creating one piece of custom Jewelry,  I am starting the next. It seems there is never enough time to lavishly market and promote.  I would hate to think I missed the boat.  puri_necklace_2_900pw200r




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