Computer Aided Drafting and 3D Printing are powerful Technologies reshaping the creation of jewelry.

Designing and manufacturing jewelry since the mid 1970s, skill sets and tools of the day imposed parameters for designing and building jewelry. The process was tedious and pains taking which instilled the conviction to make jewelry that could endure and an appreciation of the fact that in order to achieve that, to a certain extent form must follow function.

20 years ago, hoping to stream line model making, having glimpsed the potential of Cad and 3D printing, We began climbing an incredibly steep learning curve.The reward, a remarkable and powerful process that makes it possible to take a design from concept to finished jewelry in a matter of days. The fact that each CAD file becomes a building block that facilitates future morphs to a myriad of descendant designs, bonus points.

We hope you will give us a chance to share the use of these tools in your Jewelry work!

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Christopher Culver Green

5.71 Carat Ceylon Sapphire in Platinum

Gallery of Jewelry and associated CAD Drawings

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