Custom Jewelry

Designing  and creating jewelry in Tucson since the 1970’s,  my ever evolving process  of hand crafting, today is enhanced by CAD CAM technologies. .  My goal is to create personalized jewelry  that aesthetically and physically withstands the test of time.

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Gems  considered,  jewelry and  images of jewelry perused, a design is conceived.  Working with models and detailed computer aided design renderings the jewelry takes shape. Each step of the process develops a clearer vision of the jewelry to come. Gold, platinum, silver– set with diamonds or colored gems– finished Jewelry easily out shines  the imagination.


Take a look at some of the CAD renderings and how they translate into  Jewelry refinedbalsinoholo1400dsc2218penny curved shankinsta 3 stonepenny martinez aniversary banddsc1359inside_channel-notlayout 3hoops fancy2cg1789 x 1148pxl M03 D31 Y16 H03 11662927 N9316fancy2cg2003 x 1255pxl M10 D30 Y15 H00 11503533_pendant N9304

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My assurance is that no one pays for  jewelry not well received. We will work and rework to resolve any issue.




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