Give a  Custom Designed Jewelry Project this Holiday. I am happy to provide a courtesy gift certificate.  Let me help you take advantage of the Gem Show next month for great savings on a special gem. Investing your jewelry dollars wisely will pays dividends,  last minutes holiday gift may well be destined for recycling.


Today’s sophisticated CAD programs and 3D printers allows your jewelry to be designed and created specifically to your taste. Gems can be chosen to perfectly fit your needs and color preferences. Uses that precious family gem. Mountings will be made to fit you and your gems. Metals are chosen for your needs.  No more distorting modifications to cookie cutter mountings that creates awkward looking jewelry.   Have your Jewelry carefully designed specifically for you.


Finally, be warned, The Borg has sent Replicator Jewelry through the Stargate to take over your fingers, neck and ears. Nanite, off the rack, one size fits all Jewelry Bots are likely made in China in droves where they are starved of nearly all precious materials. Resist the slick onslaught of modern subliminal marketing. It is just more Fake News, a sinister plan to seduce you to buy jewelry carefully designed only for everyone to buy. You will receive precious little for way too much of your money, which you will discover when your get bored with your Borg Jewelry, if it does not wear self destruct first. Investing your jewelry dollars wisely will pays dividends.








Take advantage of  the Deep discounts on  these Tennis Bracelets, formerly known as  Diamond Line Bracelets.  The diamond to diamond style is set with 4 prong per diamond. The larger,set with 14 carats, the smaller with 8 carat, promise to light up this holiday and the years ahead.

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“…we can thank Chris Evert, who was wearing a diamond and gold version of the bracelet on court at the U.S. Open when it broke and fell off her arm, requiring the game to be stopped until she could find it.

Most tennis observers pinpoint the incident as occurring in September 1987. Evert, when contacted for this article, couldn’t say for sure, but recalled it taking place much earlier than that — during an early-round match the first or second year that the Open was held at its current Flushing Meadows location. That timeline would place it in 1978 or 1979 — which seems more likely, given that the term “tennis bracelet” appears in newspaper ads as early as July 1986.

In any event, as a result of the high-profile wardrobe malfunction, people began to refer to that style of wrist candy — then called an eternity bracelet — as a “tennis bracelet.” By the 1987 holiday season, retailers were reporting brisk sales of the accessory. The bracelet remained at the height of its popularity, a go-to gift for anniversaries and graduations, for most of the ‘90s.”
Los Angeles Times- August 20, 2011 |  7:00 am


The Diamond Solitaire t&c

The Classic styling and proportions of this solitaire are tried and true.  The setting offers the wonderful display platform for the diamond while providing optimal security and protection.   The solitaire can beautifully be scaled to any size or shape of diamond.


The shanks shoulders are engineered for stacking. Anniversary rings can be worn with this ring for years without cutting away the the diamonds setting.


Diamonds on each side of the center diamond along the rings shank transform the styling


The variations side by side!

The Diamond Solitaire t&c

More to life!

Lots of state of the world talk these days.  The News is often unsettling, cookie cutter, one size fits all, and the final analysis, sensational. The products we are offered are the same, from the shelves at Walmart to Tiffany’s.  All slick marketing and promotion.  The reality is sensational news sells, and there is  more profit in cookie cutter, lipstick on fluff, psycho logically marketed products. It should come as no surprise that when the dust settles; there is nothing there.

The best things in life most often exists quietly. Think back, we all have experienced this reality throughout our entire personal lives.

Hopefully the jewelry I create  is one of those quiet wonderful parts of the world for the people wearing it, because, by the time I finish creating one piece of custom Jewelry,  I am starting the next. It seems there is never enough time to lavishly market and promote.  I would hate to think I missed the boat.  puri_necklace_2_900pw200r




More to life!